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When leaving your house for the day, you know that you’ll most likely be taking a bag, your keys, your ID, wallet and cell phone. Unfortunately, life can often throw unpredictable curveballs at us. Here are a few must have items that you should always keep swimming around in your bag for some of those moments that come out of left field!

Bobby pins 

Bobby pins are probably one of the greatest creations known to mankind. Not only will your bobby pins make for a quick hairstyle in a pinch (or in a rainstorm), but the bobby pin has so many other uses! Our narrow metal friend can also be used to quickly hem a pair of pants or skirt, to fix a zipper, or to replace a button that decides to pop on you.


If you’re like me, you’ve made the mistake a time or two of wearing that brand new pair of heels or flats during a long day on your feet without breaking them in first. You quickly find out all of the wrong ways those shoes can painfully rub up against your toes (sorry pinky toe) and the backs of your ankles. Save yourself the full day of suffering and place a band-aid on the irritated spot as your poor man’s Dr. Scholl’s. Tip: Bandages can also cover a chipped nail, and act as a last minute pasties!

Portable Chargers

Never feel the drain from a long day of Instagramming and Snapchatting again! Keep a portable charger (or several) in the bottom of your bag for those occasions when you can’t charge your phone (being plugged up to the outlet in a restaurant bathroom is never a good idea!). Not only is a portable charger a must have for your busy day. But it’s a safety issue too, you never know when you could be stuck somewhere with no phone.

Extra Earring Backs 

Save yourself some money, and save the earrings! Earring backs are notorious for somehow finding their way off the post of your beautiful ear ornaments, no matter how secure you thought you made them. Not only is it painful to lose something you loved and can no longer wear. But it can hurt your wallet! Luckily, you can purchase them at an accessory store or even your local drug store. They’re inexpensive and will save you the heartache.

Petroleum Jelly 

Whether you prefer Aquaphor, Vaseline, or a totally different brand, petroleum jelly is an absolute must-have. It will rehydrate your lips on a cold windy day. Also can even reactivate the color if your lipstick from earlier has faded. This clear jelly companion also makes for a great moisturizer replacement if your hands are feeling dry and cracked. Have a sore that has decided to form on your lip or near your nose? Put petroleum jelly on it to alleviate the pain until you can get home to correct with the proper products!


There are lots of items that can help you throughout the day. But it can also be a lot to remember and a lot to carry! Luckily for us, there are all kinds of survival kits out there to make sure you will be ready for life’s crazy days.

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