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Lily Cummings1. How would you define your personal style?

I generally tend towards simple, one or two color pieces that are classic and comfortable at the same time. Every once and a while I’ll grab a trendy piece or two but mostly I look for clothes that will look great no matter the trend of the moment.


2. What are some difficulties you have when shopping? Have you developed any strategies to overcome these?

I struggle the most with finding that great pair of jeans- but then again, who doesn’t? Finding the right length, the right width of thigh, the right hug to my waist- these are all things that make shopping difficult. How they fit when I stand verses how they fit when I sit is also important.  Nobody wants jeans that cut into your stomach and leaves strangle marks. Comfort has definitely become a high priority for me.


3. Where do you love to shop?

I tend to shop at the brands where I work. Putting 50 outfits on over the course of one 8-hour eCommerce work day is like shopping for a living. I get to see what fits and flatters my body. I also benefit from seeing the stylist put outfits together that I may not have thought to combine. In terms of brands my favorite by far is Eileen Fisher. She has great simple pieces that are comfortable and stylish. And even better, she has sleek fashionable shoes that won’t murder your feet.

4. Has being a model influenced your day-to-day style?

As a model, I am always aware of my “brand.” Clients want to feel like they are hiring someone that will represent their brand both on the screen and on the street. So style become important in that your fashion gives the impression of being engaged in the industry you represent. Clients also want to feel like they are hiring the next big star. Being fashionable and stylish can create the perception that you are somehow part of this untouchable celebrity world to be idolized. In reality its all part of a smart model’s marking strategy to create an allure and generate more work.

5. What brands would you love to see develop plus-size lines?

I would love to see any or all of the big fashion houses incorporate plus into their lines. But not only that- what I really want is for those houses to have plus models walk their runway, intermixed with their straight sized counterparts. This will give young girls the opportunity to see that fashion is attainable at any size.

Photo Credits: Forever 21, Victoria Janashvili

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