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Leggings come in a variety of colors and lengths, are crazy comfortable and can be the anchor piece for a sleek and sexy go to look.  For ladies who wear a size 14+, however, the key to sporting them with confidence is pairing them with the right tops and accessories.  So here are a few of our best tips for rocking plus size leggings.

1.     Experiment with Color and Texture

American Rag Velvet Leggings

American Rag Velvet Leggings

Plus size women with a few bulges around their waist, hips and thighs, may find that the wrong leggings highlight them in all the wrong place.  They key is to play with color and texture.   If you’re concerned about lumps and bumps, opt for a thicker pair of leggings with some textural details such as these American Rag Velvet Leggings.

2.     Pair Them with Shorts or Skirts

Leggings work great when worn under shorts or skirts as the weather goes from summer to fall.  Style your leggings of choice with a tank or tee, a blazer, an infinity scarf, and pair of ballet flats and you’re good to go!

3.     Stay Away from Large or Gaudy Prints

Plus Size Floral Leggings

Forever 21+ Ditzy Floral Leggings

You will find leggings in all sorts of neon colors and outlandish patterns. If you want to show your wild side, go for it!  But for those plus size fashionistas looking for a more conservative, and potentially more flattering style of legging, try to stick with smaller prints or solid colors.  We like these floral print leggings from Forever 21+.

4. Maintain Balance

Pairing slim fitting leggings with tight-fitting tops can be overkill; instead you want to balance out the leggings with a looser fitting top.  Think flowy camisoles or tanks paired with a blazer that skims over your hips and rear end.  Alternatively, opt for a tunic length top cinched with a belt to show off a fantastic hourglass figure.

For more ideas on how to rock plus size leggings, check out ‘Swap: Leggings for Tights & Pants,’ or reach out to one of our Plvsh stylists who can help you to put together looks for any occasion.

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