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Though we can all admit that by 2017 plus size women are starting to get the representation that the fashion industry has been depriving them for pretty much ever, another challenging problem has cropped up – a fair representation of varied body types. While there are plenty of designers, influencers, and fashion magazines featuring plus-size models, they are still pushing a single standard of beauty, in this case, the hourglass figure.

Today we’re going to look at some fashion-forward plus size women who aren’t plus size. While you won’t see them on the cover of a fashion magazine or strutting down the runway – yet – we hope that the body-positive example of these fashion mavens will go mainstream someday soon.

Lisa of Mustang Sally Two

Lisa chronicles life as a plus size women and shows off a lovely collection of designer items, as well as practical outfits for work and more. As a CPA, Lisa feels the challenge of practical business plus size fashion but also indulges in more than a few amazing concepts that are absolutely on trend.

Ashley of Simply Curvee

Ashley takes a refreshing approach to plus size fashion with her inclusive and straightforward approach to trends and seasonal favorites. She is a self-described apple shaped fashionista who choose on point combinations for a variety of events.

Isabell Decker of Dressing Outside the Box

A non-hourglass plus size designer, Isabell Decker specializes in androgynous fashion for every occasion. Her approach to plus size business casual is helpful for any plus size in the office. Also, her designer features give plus size women plenty of inspiration for understated dress up.

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Runa Azam

A fashion and makeup maven, Runa Azam, features plenty of practical style inspiration. For both makeup and styling for the non-hourglass plus size woman. She offers video tutorials for gorgeous looks for work and partying.

Sarah Conley

An early comer to the plus size blogging game, Sarah Conly chronicles her non-hourglass fitting and fashion tips on her blog Style It.

Tiffany Tucker

Blogger Tiffany Tucker writes about fashion and fat acceptance issues on her blog Fat Shopaholic. She addresses trends and offers outfit advice for a variety of settings.

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