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Lily CummingsI’m turning into my old high school art teacher. Well, at least in terms of how I dress. Turtlenecks and layers; big statement necklace. I can’t seem to stop myself! Friends notice, my mother notices, my dates notice. I’m going to accept it and label it Art Teacher Chic.

The grey dress is a vintage J. Jill “borrowed” from my mother and the poncho is a beautiful import from Peru. The elephant head necklace is from a flea market in my home state of Maine.


If you would like to adopt Art Teacher Chic as your own personal style, here are some designers (keeping plus sizing and fit in mind) for you to check out (especially after the recent NYFW collections).

J. Jill, Donna Karan, Eileen Fischer, Jill Stuart, The Row, Georgia Pratt, Opening Ceremony

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