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AllGo The New App For Inclusivity

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AllGo, currently fundraising on Kickstarter, is a review platform for the plus-size community to evaluate the accessibility and comfort of restaurants, airlines, theaters, and gyms. A group of body positive all-inclusive tech-savvy individuals have banded together to make the app a reality.  Their Kickstarter campaign has attracted more than 1,000 backers and kudos from the likes of author Roxane Gay and plus-size model Tess Holliday, among others.

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Why is AllGo important?

We’ve heard people say the bigger they get, the smaller their world becomes. AllGo’s mission is to keep the world from shrinking for people of size. 

Their platform gets people the information they want to go out more, without discomfort.

“We design with size in mind because we believe that all bodies are magnificent and deserve to be comfortable.”

Founder Rebecca Alexander didn’t like that she had to plan ahead about whether a place could accommodate her, or would she get her favorite seat. She found it hard to find out if she could be comfortable in a place simply by scouring the internet for photos. 

The AllGo Review Platform

Enter AllGo, a review platform app co-founded by Alexander and business partner Michele Amar. To rate places like restaurants, gyms, theaters and airlines on their accessibility and comfort for people of size. 

AllGo will allow plus-size folks — “and the people who love us” — to rate businesses and other public spaces. On factors like whether chairs have arms, whether tables and booths move, aisle width, parking, stairs and “environmental, atmospheric factors,”. Like whether a hostess deferred to a person of size on seat selection or made them uncomfortable. 

Alexander and Amar raised the needed $50,000 plus some to make their dream a reality. Cultural powerhouses Roxane Gay and Tess Holliday are putting their support behind it. So you know it’s going to be awesome.

The app will mainly be user-driven.  Addressing seating details at restaurants to airline policies.  They are addressing the spaces that draw the biggest concerns, but eventually, like to add public spaces like theme parks. 

I don’t think businesses necessarily understand the impact of some of their decisions when it comes to seating. I think people are making decisions primarily based on aesthetics and cost.  With a little bit more information, they could understand how they’re sending messages that places aren’t welcoming for people of size. (Interview with )

The Future of the App

She found that a lot of business owners are just not aware of the issue, and make design choices based on aesthetic alone.  Not taking into consideration their customers. People want to know they’ll be comfortable.  Alexander is hoping to launch in Portland in August and 5 other metropolitan areas by next year. Also, to expand out to others with different needs like wheelchair access or hearing impairment. She just hopes to answer the question “Can We All Go?”.  

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