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Lily CummingsThe rules for the best bathing suit are pretty simple. The bathing suit that you will wear for years, will last forever, and look good at the pool, beach, or hot tub, does NOT have:

  • ruffles
  • buckles
  • bows
  • craziest prints known to mankind

Unfortunately, that is what appears to decorate 75% of the bathing suits for plus size women. I don’t need to hide my tummy with a bedazzled masterpiece, I want some incredibly strong Lycra to hold it in and keep it in for the extent of my swim. That is all.

My first suggestion is to simply spend the money on the Miraclesuit! That $150-$200 will give you 5 summers of wear and you will look like an Italian cinema goddess. Their cuts are almost always simple and flattering, and they keep their colors basic and classic.

But if you’re in the market and not looking to spend over $100 I have a couple of rules I stand by when searching for my perfect suit:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. A little ruching at the stomach never hurt
  3. Black is a great color for summer
  4. Say no to jewels
  5. Straps. There must always be straps

It is also just a swimsuit and if you want to go crazy, do your thing. I bent the rules and picked out a suit with horizontal stripes for my shoot with model Kate Eckman last summer and I think the results were pretty fabulous.

Looking forward to Summer 2014

Kate Eckman - Best Bathing Suit

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