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Body positivity is a far-reaching movement sweeping through the United States and the fashion world. While there are many different forms of body positivity, it means something different for everyone within this new paradigm. As body positivity gained steam in the United States and throughout the world, women everywhere are learning to love the skin they are in. Teaching us to wear fashion however you want to!

As the movement progressed, many different opinions have emerged. The body positive movement is about not letting society set your personal feelings or goals. In involves feeling secure with who you are. Body positivity is more than a trend, it is about including us all whether we are big or small. In the past, plus-size women and many women in standard sizes experienced embarrassment about their size and shape. This movement drives and inspires people to be who they are and wear what they want.

Body Positive Red Carpet Fashion

The movement impacts fashion, even on the red carpet. More and more, we are seeing stylish and trending red carpet fashions represented by plus-size women. Designer ChristianSiriano has provided red carpet fashion for a variety of body types, including Leslie Jones, Angela Bassett, Anna Chlumsky, Laurie Metcalf and Kathy Bates.

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Body Positive Bloggers and Models

The acceptance of plus-size models and bloggers has gotten press recently with Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model being featured in Sports Illustrated. She and many other bloggers promote positive influences for women and girls while combatting stereotypes.

Body Positive Ad Campaigns

Several ad campaigns have highlighted the emergence of the body positive campaign. Dove featured the “Real Beauty” campaign that included real women of different shapes, sizes, and diversity. The brand highlighted “My Body My Say” to promote its products. In addition, Puma collaborated with Rihanna and Cara Delevigne to include a message of “do you” as an extension of the body positive movement.

Changes in Fashion

In the past, plus-size women were plagued with large, draping fabrics adorned with flowers and prints. Their styles were hidden away in the corner of retail, and they did not represent the fashion trends of the day. Now, plus-size women can get fashions that are the same as standard sizes. Sleeveless, cropped, capri pants, skirts, and jeans represent any look that women desire that are readily available in any size.

So forget the “rules” about what you should wear based on shape and size. In conclusion wear what you love!

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