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Forget diamonds – big knickers are a girls’ best friend!

Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, Nigella Lawson and Queen Latifah—what do they all have in common? Curves to die for and that special type of body confidence normally reserved for supermodels.  So you’ve got the curves—now how do you get the confidence? It all starts from underneath—underwear. Muffin tops, double boobs, back fat and general lumpiness are all caused by bad undergarments, but it’s so easily remedied. Let’s begin building your plus-sized foundation:

First, get a good bra—don’t make us tell you again!

Did you know that it’s been estimated that 75–90% of women in western society wear a bra and of those women up to 85% are wearing the wrong size? The average American woman wears a very generous 36DD compared to an average 36C five years ago. There are now lots of manufacturers making gorgeous full bust and plus size bras, so if you are well endowed there’s no need to squeeze yourself into anything that doesn’t fit. When you’re buying a bra the first thing to do is get properly measured—many retailers offer this discrete service, but if the idea of a complete stranger wrapping a cold tape measure around your assets has you running for the hills, then visit this bra size calculator that uses just three simple measurements.

Black BraThere are some simple ways to tell if you might be wearing the wrong bra size.  First, the front and back of your bra should be level and the ideal position for your boobs should be in between your shoulder and the crook of your arm when your arms are by your side. If they are up around your chin, or you have to keep hoisting them back in then you probably have the wrong size or the wrong fit. If you have “double boobs,” then you need to go down a cup size. If back fat is your issue then your bra is probably too big (yes, you heard us correctly). Having a smaller band size and wearing the bra lower down on your back will get rid of the back fat altogether.


Get a smooth silhouette with shape wear

Bridget Jones was right: big knickers are a girls’ best friend. There is a huge choice of shape wear available and it’s a lot more comfortable than it used to be. If you’re wearing trousers, go for a mid-thigh waist shaper that can be worn under trousers, skirts or dresses. It smooths the waist, bottom and thighs and is a popular choice. If you just want a more defined waist then a waist cincher is for you—it pulls you in at the waist and smooths out your hips. For a special occasion or if you’re going all out to impress in a dress then a full body suit is definitely the way to go. It gives full coverage, it doesn’t ride up or roll down and it removes unsightly underwear bulges. Finally, if you are looking for everyday smoothing, try our personal favorite, Yummie Tummie® Tanks. They keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and can be worn comfortably under almost anything.

Go for va-va-voom with a corset

Yes ladies, this is the ultimate and a personal favourite. Corsets have come a long way since the days of whalebones and fainting damsels. They are much more comfortable than they used to be with the introduction of more flexible, synthetic structures. You can buy full steel boned corsets or more flexible, fashion corsets. The results are the same—smaller waist, cleavage to die for and all eyes on you! You can wear a corset under clothing (a plain underbust shape is best for this) or you can wear a more decorative version with a long skirt or wide leg trousers. Don’t wear a corset if you’re going out for a meal though, as this can be very uncomfortable.

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