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Think chunky jewelry adds to much…chunk? Think again. Do it right and chunky necklaces, in particular, can balance an outfit and create a polished, sophisticated look that—bonus!—keeps a pear-shaped bottom in check. While you may have shied away and thought delicate and dainty was the way to go when it comes to bangles and baubles, big, bold accessories work no matter your shape, size or style. Here’s what you’ve gotta know to rock it right:

1) Think necklaces…not bracelets and rings

Chunky bracelets tend to eliminate the wrist, giving your arm a thicker look that just isn’t attractive. Same with costume-y rings. For a sleek, chic look, opt for chunky necklaces. If you’re bigger busted try and find something that rests right above your cleavage vs. resting between. Flatter chested? Go for something a little longer to create a more voluptuous shape up top.

2) Layer away!

Chunky necklaces feeling a little heavy? Try layering! A few strands of pearls—different lengths, finishes, colors and designs—or a couple of fun, monochromatic, lighter pieces paired with a chic pendant looks great with virtually anything: it elevates the weekend jeans-and-white-tee uniform, and gives your work wear an instant edge. The Shaken and Stirred Triple Strand Necklace from Kate Spade is a great, hip piece to start with—its pearls make it super versatile, while the glass stone give it some edge.

Kate Spade Shaken and Stirred Triple Strand Necklace

3) Skip the studs

While studs look good on anyone, finishing off your look with a cool, polished pair of chunky earrings is always fun! Plus size girls have an added benefit, too, when it comes to wearing bigger earrings as they don’t overwhelm their faces—so go for it!

4) Try Lucite

Scratching your head? Lucite’s become a super-popular material for jewelry in the last few seasons and, because it’s see-through, it naturally looks and feels lighter. Even better, Lucite pieces pair with just about anything and come in elegant drop necklaces, beaded pieces, cuffs, rings and much more. Kenneth Jay Lane is do amazing thinks with Lucite, like this Clear Lucite Link Necklace.

Kenneth Jay Lane Clear Lucite Link Necklace

No matter what you choose remember—go bold! Chunky jewelry is a great way to finish off your look, or add up the ante on an old, classic fave. Happy accessorizing!

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