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For most of us, bespoke clothing is not an option and so we must buy our clothing off of the rack.  This can mean pants that are too long, shoulders that are too boxy or waists that are not cinched.  This is why, all women, especially us curvy ladies definitely need a tailor!  While a tailor might seem like something that’s more appropriate for mens’ business suits and wedding dresses, that’s definitely not the case! Every woman should have a fantastic tailor at her disposal.  As Michael Kors noted, “…why do the Europeans always look so good? They have a relationship with their tailor and spend the time and money to make their clothes look their best.”

As plus size women ourselves, we know that finding great fitting clothing can be especially challenging, and so getting an item tailored to our particular body can make the difference between looking sorry and looking sleek!  Well tailored clothing can also make the clothing item look more expensive than it actually is.  We love this example from Kim at the Natural Fashionista.


Finding The Tailor:

If you are in a smaller town, your tailoring options might be limited.  Speak with your local dry cleaners to see if they can help give you a referral or if they have tailoring services.  Business review sites like yelp can be another great resource to find a tailor.  Of course, you can always ask your a stylish friend what she would recommend.  Finally, don’t shy away from tailors specializing in menswear, as these professionals are often the ones who can make the most difficult alterations.

When You Get There:

When you visit the store, even before you bring a garment, make sure you get good “vibes” about the place–you know what we mean!  It should be clean and the staff should be warm and inviting.  Ask to see a photo or a sample of a garment, which they have altered so that you can get a good idea of their handiwork.

What to Expect:

A nicely tailored item should look like it was always that way—no loose threads or odd stitches. While you may have to try on the garment while the tailor works his/her magic, don’t worry.  They are used to gathering and pinning while you have the item on.  Start off with something small to see how it goes; in other words, don’t sacrifice your new Marina Rinaldi dress as your tester!  Jeans or work pant hems are a great way to see if you like the tailor’s work.

Once you’ve found your new best friend, it might be worth it to go through your closet and find those items that you’d wear if only they fit right; have the tailor work their magic, and voila!  It’s like a new item.  That said, in the end, tailoring is an additional cost incurred on a clothing item.  Therefore if you have a fast fashion (i.e. very trendy, one season) item that you think you might only wear a few times (or that will only last a few times), then it might not be worth the cost and effort of getting it tailored.

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