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We’ve all fallen victim to wearing the latest trends—no matter what they look like on us––but what made us do it? Are we not supposed to wear the hottest fashion trends because we’re busty, have a wider middle or are curvy in general? Absolutely not. The key is understanding that trends are not one size fits all. That means, pick your trend and make it work for your body!

Peplum DressLet’s start with peplum. This fall, peplum is all the rage but not every peplum is the same. You can’t pick up a peplum style shirt/dress/skirt that fits and wear it. You need to find the RIGHT peplum for your body type—and then rock it! If you are bottom heavy and naturally have a smaller waist, easy, because the peplum style was designed for you. But, if you are fuller in the middle, you need to

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find a peplum that hits at the right spot on your hips to create the illusion of wider hips, giving you more of an hourglass silhouette. Our favorite is this flattering ABS peplum dress with leather trim perfect for fall.

Another trend hot far fall is turtlenecks. For our busty friends out there—you may have sworn off turtlenecks in middle school but think again. If you have a larger bust, try pairing a dark colored turtleneck with a sleek blazer. The blazer will minimize your bust line while adding a touch of style and sophistication. For a more edgy look, swap your blazer for a leather jacket with a pop of color like this Lafayette 148 New York Lambskin Motorcycle jacket in vino.

We think you get the point, but let’s try one more: winter white. We all know our bodies inside Johnny Was Flower Tiles Crochet Jacketand out so select winter white pieces that flaunt your assets. If you are fuller in the middle, try layering a white long tank with a figure-flattering tunic. If you have more of a pear-shape figure, try the reverse by wearing a belted winter white wrap with dark straight-leg slacks and a pointy-toe bootie to elongate your legs. We love this Johnny Was Flower Tiles Crochet Jacket––it’s a layering piece perfect for any shape all season long.

Now that you’re armed with the tricks of the trends, get ready to find your favourite fit this fall!

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