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We’re falling for fur. As timeless and elegant as ever, real and faux fur adds a plush textural edge and chic sophistication to virtually any look. And even better, no matter your size or shape, you CAN rock fur without looking bulky, heavy or overdressed—here’s how:

Go Luxe

Opt for furs or faux furs that have a thick, dense coat. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank, but steer clear of furs with thin coats or after a few wears your coat will end up with some unfortunate “bald spots.” An easy way to spot a less-than-quality coat? If you can see fabric underneath, AVOID. Fur is supposed to add a refined polish to your outfit that looks rich and luxurious, not thin and light. Above all, check the feel: anything that feels rough or brittle will most likely matt after a few uses and will leave you looking like road kill rather than style star.

Tone It Down

When working fur into your fall outfits, try and stick to one or two key pieces. A fur vest or coat and a fur-accented bag are the perfect way to wear multiple fur pieces in one outfit. Even on the coldest of days you should be mixing and matching your fur pieces to achieve a balanced wardrobe. Anything more than that will risk you looking like a (bulky) wild animal. All trends work best in moderation, and the same applies to fall furs.

Want to add a pop of fur to what you’ve already got? Try a fur collar accent like this Fox Fur Collar from Lafayette 148. Add it as an accent to your favorite fall or winter coat and your ready to go (at a fraction of the cost!).

Fox Fur Collar

Open Up

New to fur? Try an open, relaxed fur vest or cardigan, especially if you’re a busty girl. But remember to keep it open: buttoning, belting or zipping your vest will only make you look top-heavy whereas open will give you a structured, balanced, shape-defining look. Pair with a fitted top underneath and you’ll have an instantly slimmer silhouette—what’s more stylish than that?

Right Length

To look slim and sleek in fur, proportions are key. Coats and vests should hit at the hip or just below. Anything lower than the hip can shorten your shape and make you look stout, while cropped styles can leave you looking boxy and shapeless.

Test the Waters

Not ready to try head-to-toe fur? Test the waters with smaller pieces that add the same touch of sophistication you’re after. Fur-trimmed gloves or bags are especially chic when mixed with different materials like leather or suede. Check out this jaw-dropping Fur & Lizard Dual Clutch by Valentino. You can also opt to wear coats with fur collars or trimmings for a plush touch that adds visual interest to your outfit.

Valentino  Fur  Lizard Dual Clutch

This fall, embrace your wild side and act on your animal instinct and add some fabulous fur into your wardrobe. Pick right and you’ll have a flattering, comfortable, chic piece for decades to come.

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