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Finding boots to fit a plus size figure is an added struggle in the quest to dress for your size. With full figures come curvaceous calves and so begins the never-ending hunt to find the perfect fitting boots. You don’t have to throw in the towel just yet, as these tips and tricks will help you find the best boots for wide calves. Follow these simple steps to avoid disappointing and empty handed shopping trips when searching for your new fall boots this season.

Cole Haan 'Elisha' Stretch Suede Boot

Cole Haan ‘Elisha’ Stretch Suede


It’s important to look for boots that are constructed with stretch for a little give and take when it comes to finding boots for wide calves.  More recently boots are incorporating stretch into their classic materials, like leather, for ease and comfort. Boots that also offer an elasticized stretch band at the knee or just below are also ideal for creating a roomy and comfortable shoe. Sometime boots that are constructed of pure stretch material can tend to look a little cheaper but if you opt for a stretch fabric in an alternative like suede this can easily provide a luxe for less look.


Lauren 'Martina' Lace-Up Boot

Lauren ‘Martina’ Lace-Up Boot

Boots with laces make it easier to adjust the calf width of the boot, making it more custom to your calf size. With laces you can always make it tighter on the foot for grip and looser around the calf for comfort. You can always go up a size for boots with laces for a more convenient fit and opt to wear thicker socks so you’re feet don’t move around in the shoe. A laced up boot adds a sleek and sexy edge to your footwear for fall.


Materials and fabrics like leather and suede tend to loosen and give after a few wears. Once you break in your new boots in these materials, it can be easier to fit taller boots over calves. You can always wear a mid-high boot, instead of a knee-high one, that has a scrunched effect for a casual cool look.  


Opt for boots that offer an inside zipper, rather than ones without any zipper at all. You’ll have an easier time zipping up your boots rather than just pulling them on over your calves. With that being said, if the zipper isn’t zipping don’t force your calf in there at the risk of hurting yourself. It’s not possible to suck in your calf or wear boots comfortably while you calves are chaffing and sweating because there’s no room to move or breath. However, all hope is not lost because thanks to innovative creations you can find chic boot inserts that add extra width to your boots without the struggle and hassle of cramming in your calves.

Boot Band Extender

Boot Band Extender


Boot Bands are an attachment, which provide the extra width needed to zip your boot. The Boot Band acts as a panel that can be inserted to make your boot wider. You can find a Boot Band in a variety of colors and prints to match and accessorize your fall boots. The Boot Band uses clips and zippers to attach to the boot’s already existing zipper and is able to zip up easily on both sides of the boot band.

Although it can be frustrating when shopping for boots when you have fuller calves, don’t give up hope as these tips and tricks are here to help you find and purchase the right pair for your legs. It may take a few tries before the perfect pair is found so be patient and remember that boots are a quintessential fall accessory that can elevate your style to cool and chic instantly. You’re perfect pair is out there so get shopping!

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