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Building a re-mixable wardrobe is really all about choosing pieces that are versatile. Clothing that can be utilized in more than one way will make your closet diversified and enable you to get more mileage out of each piece of clothing you own. Think quality over quantity. While it’s important for any gal to have an adaptable closet, it’s especially important for plus sized gals, who can have trouble finding quality and stylish pieces to begin with. In this post, we’ll give you some quick and simple tricks to build your own re-mixable plus sized wardrobe.

  1. Re-Imagine.

First off, re-mixing your closet means that you have to re-imagine the way your clothing can look and what it can pair with. It’s easy to take a bold, printed shirt at face value and pair it with skinny jeans but that same shirt can be tucked into a pencil skirt to make an entire new outfit.

Adding the right pieces to create a foundation for mixing and matching is key. When you’re considering adding a piece to your current wardrobe, ask yourself one simple question: do the details of this piece (either the color or print) pair well with at least three other pieces you already own? If not, then adding it to your closet won’t be easy. A simple way to choose re-mixable tops is to make sure your choice can be tucked, belted, knotted, or tied. Imagine the piece you’re holding with several of your favorite skirts or jeans. If you can imagine it as part of two or three outfits, then pick it up! If not, lose it and go on to the next selection.

  1. Consider Your Setting.

You also want to consider your setting. Choose pieces of clothing that pair well in a variety of scenarios: professionally, casually, for dressy events like weddings or garden parties.

When choosing skirts or bottoms, you’ll also want to consider the shoe options in your closet. If a skirt or pant pairs well with the flats, boots, and heels that you already own – pick it up! For re-mixable dresses, consider the following accessories that you might not have thought of: blazers, cardigans, and cropped jackets go great with dresses and can really change the look and feel.

Don’t discount the weather in your neck of the woods, either! If you experience all four seasons of weather, choose pieces that you can wear during more than one season – layering is a great option for short-sleeved tops while adding a pair of tights underneath dresses can provide warmth and greater versatility.

  1. Add Some Color.

To really add options, consider updating your wardrobe with colored bottoms. While jeans are, and will always be, the staple of a good wardrobe, they now come in a variety of colors that can be paired with so many different tops. Don’t be afraid to grab colored bottoms in red, white, yellow, and green – you’ll be able to mix and match them with many plus sized favorites including lacy t-shirts, professional blazers, and casual button-downs.

You’ll also want to make sure you have some creative closet staples on hand: camisoles might be boring but they’re perfect when you need a little more coverage underneath a cute top. You probably already have a cardigan but I bet they’re in basic colors like black or grey. Pick up some colored cardigans and one or two printed cardigans. They can really change up your entire outfit!

  1. Accessorize.

Finally, don’t forget the accessories! Accessories can really make or break an outfit and take your clothing choices from work appropriate to casual wedding. Great accessories include printed scarves, fun belts, chunky necklaces, and hats. Accessories provide a focal or anchor point and can really just pull your entire look together. If you think your current outfit feels lifeless or droopy, add some daring accessories. You can also use accessories to make a casual outfit a little more fun. Pairing a colorful scarf with a simple tank top and some jeans can really bring out your inner stylish fashionista!

Four Tips to Build a Re-Mixable Plus Sized Wardrobe

Four Tips to Build a Re-Mixable Plus Sized Wardrobe

Well, there you have it! These tips will help you build a completely re-mixable plus sized wardrobe. If you’d like to add your own fashionable plus size styles, delivered straight to your door, Plvsh Style can help! Plvsh is the ultimate fashion destination for discerning women – we offer the latest in chic, stylish fashion, expert advice, and exclusive concierge styling right in the comfort of your own home. Get started today!

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