Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust: How to Find the Right Bra

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plus size fashion, plus size braA perfectly fit bra is about comfort as much as it is style. A bra for a fuller figure that’s made to fit to your exact specifications can really help shape the way your body looks underneath your clothing. It can also make you comfortable and more confident, something that all women are in need of at some point during their lives. But how do you get a perfectly fit bra? It’s not as simple as just knowing your cup size and with the average American woman’s bra size being 36DD, many factors on how to get a great fit are at play. Let’s look at these factors so you can get the best fit possible!

How to Measure for the Best Fit

First, when considering bra and cup sizes it’s important to understand that without a back size, a cup size doesn’t mean much. Have you ever looked at a woman who says she’s the same cup size as you and wondered how that was possible? Well, when you look at a woman who is a 30DD and a woman who’s a 32DD it’s important to remember that the DD only means they’re relatively the same size. A cup size is always proportional to your back size (the band size) therefore you need to make sure you measure for your band size.

To measure your band size, use a tape measure while braless or wearing an unpadded bra, and measure around the bottom of the band. The tape measure should be very snug and level and you should round to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, add four inches. If the number is odd, add five inches. Your band size is the total number, so if you measured 36 inches, your band size is 40. Next, you’ll use the tape measure to measure your cup size. Wrap the tape loosely around the fullest part of your breasts (near the nipple). Round to the nearest whole number. To calculate your cup size, simply subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement and reference the chart below:


The difference in inches









Your cup size










plus size fashion, plus size clothingTips & Tricks

—  Remember that different brands and styles will fit differently so no two bras in the same size will fit the same.

— Make sure the back of the band is level with the front for the best fit.

— Wear a t-shirt over your bra when trying it on. If the cups gather or your breasts bulge, the fit is not correct.

— If you need to go down a cup size, go up a band size and vice versa. For example, if a 34D is too big, go to a 34C.

— There should be no excess skin hanging from any part of the bra – check the sides and armpits for this.

— When turning to the side, your underwire should contain the entire breast inside of the cup.

— Remember: if you have overflow on any part of the bra, it’s likely that the fit is incorrect.


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