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With fall right around the corner, everyone wants to bundle up, and we’re guessing that this is where the current trend for fuzzy, furry textures is coming from. While a runway model might be able to get away with wearing a long hoodie that looks like it was taken straight off of a grizzly, what can plus-sized fashionistas do to keep from looking as roly-poly as a teddy bear?

1. Pair it with suede

The last thing that you want is for the indistinct outline created by faux fur and fuzzy knits to make you look wide. A slim-fitted suede coat looks great with a furry hat or with a edging of faux fur around the hood. Similarly, tall boots that have some fluff at the top go wonderfully with skinny jeans or a knee-length skirt and tights. One must-have for fashion-minded women this season is going to be suede gloves with a little bit of faux fur at the wrist, so accessorize accordingly! Try this gorgeous shearling coat with an oversized collar vest from Lafayette 148.


2. Add some color

Don’t be afraid to expand your color palette! The runways are full of fuzzy knits in black and charcoal grey, but you can be a little more adventurous. Use a dark maroon furry knit to make a pair of lighter slacks pop, or even choose something in a deep ultramarine blue. This texture is meant to make a statement, so don’t be shy!

3. Make it fun!

Use the furry trend as an excuse to get playful. Look for a winter hat made entirely out of fluffy yarn, and push it even a little further by choosing one with cute bear ears sticking up from the top. A hat with a fuzzy pompom at the top and two pompoms at the end of the ties is a perfect compliment for a fun casual outfit. If you’re crafty, you can even attempt this project yourself, as furry novelty yarn is impressively forgiving.

And remember the big DON’T for furry fabrics: keep it away from your waist, hips and rear. There are a lot of tunics out there with this type of trim along the bottom edge, and they just make your silhouette look odd and misshapen.

Nervous to rock your fashion boat? Try one of the fuzzy hats which, this season, are getting a grown-up overhaul–think pom-poms, fuzzy trims and even a furry exterior. Add these textures to your wardrobe carefully, and you’ll find yourself loving this fall’s fuzzy look!

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