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After the loooooong winter we’ve had, we finally decided to come to terms with the fact that all of this ice and snow has been taking its toll.  We’ve been wearing old, holey yoga pants, our husband’s sweatshirt and our hair hadn’t seen the inside of a salon in more than three months. It wasn’t cute. Not only did we look bad, but we felt just as bad as we looked. Digging ourselves out of this particularly horrific rut felt totally overwhelming, especially since our lack of care about our Wardrobe Crisisclothing had been accompanied by a general lack of healthy self-care. We were putting our own needs last, in nearly every way, and we were paying the price for it.

Realistically, we weren’t going to change our wardrobe, walk out with a perfect blow-out and a fully done face and start feeling better overnight. Even the thought of managing this sent us running for our pillow and covers. We opted for baby steps and decided to create a simple and wearable outfit formula for everyday, starting in our own closet. Some digging turned up a few pairs of jeans that fit, a stack of knit tops, a pile of cardigans and a slew of scarves, shawls and necklaces. This formed my basic daily plan: jeans + knit top + cardigan + accessory. We rearranged the closet to make this easier and reduce our ability to avoid putting on real clothes. In our case, we added a presentable everyday hairstyle–the simple sock bun–and forced ourselves to remember moisturizer with sunblock daily. This really didn’t take much longer than the awful worn out yoga pants and sweatshirts and we didn’t want to cry when we looked in the mirror.

Within a few days, we found, without really trying, that we had added BB cream, lipgloss and mascara to the morning routine. Our mood perked up along with our appearance over the next couple of weeks. We made an appointment to deal with our roots and picked up new yoga pants to wear to yoga class, rather than in our kitchen.

Clothes won’t cure depression or solve serious body image issues, but if you’re in a rut, even if not such a bad one, a change in what you’re wearing may help you to find the fresh start and energy you need to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. Creating a simple, wearable style formula for everyday that fits your lifestyle can help you to tackle that hurdle without seeming utterly unmanageable.

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