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School is almost out and it’s time for family summer vacations, romantic getaways, and girls trips.  With increasing costs of travel and all of the add-ons, you want to be efficient as possible with your suitcase packing skills.  Where you can get the most outfits to last you the whole trip, and not feel fashion restricted with your options. 

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Choose a Travel Palette

To reduce the amount of clothing you pack, stick to a strict color palette: a base of neutrals, like black and gray, and then one accent color, like red or violet. You’ll be able to put together a week’s worth of different outfits from a few basic pieces. 

Multipurpose Garments

Pack double-duty garments, like yoga pants that moonlight as pajamas. A sarong can double as a wrap for off the beach wear.  And lots of layering options for different looks. 

Roll, Baby, Roll

Rolling your clothes is one of the best-known suitcase packing tips, and for good reason. Rolling clothes conserves space, reduces wrinkling and makes it easier to find clothes in your suitcase. 

Place folded items on top of your suitcase

It’s best to avoid wrinkle-prone garments when traveling. But if they are a must-have item for a business trip layer them neatly folded on top of your rolled items underneath. Slip items into a dry cleaning bag to further prevent wrinkles as an extra precaution. 

Choose shoes wisely

Pick three pairs of shoes, like a casual sandal or loafer, sneakers, and an evening shoe –go for styles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear the heaviest pair en route and pack the others along the sides of your suitcase in resealable bags. Pack socks inside for extra storage. 

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