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Think skinny jeans are just for the skinny? Think again. Skinny jeans are all about proportions, and pairing them with right pieces for a look that slims and enhances at the same time. What are you looking for? A good rise, a good stretch, a good wash and, of course, the perfect add-ons for a sleek, chic head-to-toe look. Let’s get skinny!

What to look for: A Higher Rise

Snag a pair of skinny jeans with a higher rise and you’ll avoid the dreaded “muffin-tops.” Like any jeans, skinny jeans should hug your curves, not squish the life out of them, so be prepared to select the best fit and rise for your unique body type—and sometimes that means going up a size (sorry, girls!) to get the end look you’re craving. But just remember, best-fit denim will guarantee a slimmer silhouette, so ignore the number and go for what looks great. Another perk of the high rise? It has a natural smoothing effect that gives you an instantly flatter tummy. Bonus!

Lucky Brand's 'Ginger' Skinny Jean

Lucky Brand’s ‘Ginger’ Skinny Jean

What to look for: S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Added stretch can help to get that just-right fit. The right amount of stretch will hug your curves, then bounce back to their original shape after each wash. This skinny jean trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, so investing in a little pricier piece will be more beneficial to you in the long run to help find the ideal fit in a skinny jean.  Check out one of our faves is Lucky Brand’s ‘Ginger’ Skinny Jean.

Just remember, jeans tend to overstretch after a few wears so be sure to look out for too much stretch in jeans as you don’t want to end up with baggy denim that you just purchased a few weeks ago. Follow the specific care instructions inside to get the most out of jeans and to maximize their longevity.

NYDJ's 'Sheri' Skinny in Coated Copper

NYDJ’s ‘Sheri’ Skinny in Coated Copper

What to look for: Darker denim

Dark wash denims are great for everyone—they instantly slim you from waist to toe, and lengthen limbs for a lean, long look. Stick to clean and classic washes to draw the eye.  If you’re all about the colored denim trend that’s happening right now, opt for a darker version of your fave hues—think forest green, burnt orange or a dark cobalt (which is one of fall’s “it” colors!).  One that we’re loving this season is Not Your Daughter’s Jeans ‘Sheri’ Skinny in Coated Copper.

What to look for: The perfect balance

Once you’ve got your perfect pair, it’s all about the balancing act! Balance out your outfit by pairing sleek skinny jeans with relaxed cut tops, flowing tunics and breezy blouses that help create a slim silhouette and camouflage any problem areas. Pairing a looser fitting top over skinny jeans skims over the hips and draws the eyes straight down to the feet, which ultimately makes your legs look mile-high.

What to look for: Amazing heels!

Now for the finishing touch: amazing heels. Great heels lengthen legs and calves, which will offer a slimming illusion. But remember, you don’t need to wear 5-inchers every time you don your skinny jeans. Even lower, simpler heels or wedges will make a huge difference in your outfit’s overall impact.

Here’s to a very skinny fall!

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