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So you bought a new pair of trendy culottes and now you’re wondering how do I style them? Can you make these pants work for a day at the office? Can you style them for a dressy night out? The answer is YES to both questions and we will show you how. You will definitely learn that culottes are comfortable and easy to wear, but also look incredibly stylish.

1. Pretend they’re a Midi Skirt 

With culotte pants they are too long to be considered a short and too short to be considered a full length pant. Some culottes vary in lengths, but they will always be above your ankle. Don’t let the awkward length detour you from trying this fashion trend. Think of it like a midi-skirt which is something you probably already own in your closet. Thinking of them in a different manner will help you style them. If you have a pair of printed culottes, the pattern is the focal point so go simple on top with a solid color top.


Modamix Printed Scuba Culotte Pants

 2. Swap them for your Work Pants

Depending on your dress code, a nice solid pair of culottes can be appropriate for work especially if the other pieces are just as sleek. It’s nice to have an alternative other than your basic pair of slacks. You can wear them with a crisp white collared button down shirt or a nice silk blouse and a low stacked heel pump. Remember, balance is extremely important when styling your culottes. If the heel is too high your proportions will be thrown off. Shorter is better.


Vince Camuto Zip Pocket Culottes

3. Wear them to a Fancy Party

If you’re heading somewhere that will have lots of champagne, dancing, and you would rather be comfortable, a soft classic culotte silhouette will work great with a nice top. It’s not only just as good as any dress, but way more creative. For a little extra touch, you’d wear special heels with a dress so you would do the same for these pants when going somewhere special. Don’t forget your clutch and lipstick!


LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Wide Leg Poplin Culotte Pants 

4. Try a Slimmer Pair

Most culottes are voluminous, but if that’s too overwhelming, find a pair that has more of a tailored fit like these Asos culottes. But don’t go tight on top; it’s more interesting to play with contrasts. Look for a top that has some movement when worn and interesting details such as embellishments or embroidery.


ASOS Curve Longline Crepe Culotte Pants

5. Wear a Culotte Jumpsuit

So let’s say you haven’t been having the best of luck finding the perfect top to go with your culotte pants, but you still want to wear the trend? Just go for a culotte jumpsuit. You have a top and bottom in one and you’re out the door! They come in printed and solid versions that come in many different colors so you can find the perfect match for your personal style.


Two by Vince Camuto Printed Sleeveless Culotte Jumpsuit and Open Stitch Long Cardigan

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