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Lily CummingsName: Nicole LeBris

Occupation: Model, Makeup Artist, Photographer

Current City: Jersey City and Miami Beach

1. How would you define your personal style?

My style is a little all over the place, but I’m a jeans and leather jacket kind of girl most of the time. I wear a lot of black, although I try to not.  I love denim, maxi dresses in the summer, ackets and rarely leave home without a scarf.

2. How has your style evolved since becoming a model?

I’ve definitely gotten a little more daring with my style. I’ll try a bold color, or strong accessory, which I probably would’ve been too shy to wear a few years ago.

3. What do you offer as styling suggestions for new models when preparing for a shoot?

When preparing for a shoot I always urge girls to bring what flatters their body type. Bring the basics, and layering pieces, but also bring some interesting items, maybe a structured jacket, or a bright color shirt, or a sweater with a big collar, and of course bring as much as possible. Better to have too much to choose from than too little.

4. What are your favorite designers with plus lines?

J. Crew goes up to a size 20!

5. What would be your ultimate style splurge?

A style splurge for me is usually a new jacket or shoes. Every season I buy a new pair or boots, or heels. I’ll also occasionally splurge on a purse.

Industry Insiders: Nicole LeBris

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