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Model Nadia Aboulhosn got her start in the fashion world as a casual fashion blogger, that then blossomed into a full blown successful career in the industry.  As a Lebanese-American she wanted to express her cultural heritage, style, acceptance, and humanitarianism in her posts, and still does to this day through her work. Originally from Florida, Nadia now splits her time between Los Angeles and Miami working as a model, blogger and designer.


Nadia started blogging after her big move to Harlem, New York from her hometown of Orlando.  At first is was just a fun outlet to express herself, but soon became a profitable venture.  The next step was her modeling career that came after winning American Apparel’s model search in 2013, a big step for a plus size model.  Since then she has been featured in Complex Magazine, Refinery 29, Lucky Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, LOOK, Vogue Italia. After modeling for Additional Elle, they approached her as a designer for a Fall 2015 capsule collection, which was shown at NYFW. The collection included pieces for plus size women sizes 12+ that were minimally styled and comfortable to wear. Since then she has also created collections for and Lord & Taylor.

After her success, Nadia has stayed involved in the community by participating in events like the Create and Cultivate conference in Chicago for women entrepreneurs in the digital as a panelist.  She is also working hard to get her message out there for self acceptance. In 2016 Aboulhosn shot for the cover of Women’s Running Magazine’s April issue where she encouraged hard-work and diversity, as well as reinventing the standards of the fashion industry. Then this last January she also did an interview with PAPER Magazine explaining how she is the model bridging the gap between straight and plus size.

As a model and activist to look up to, we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

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