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Lily CummingsAs someone who works from home 50% of the time, it’s always my inclination in the winter months to throw style out the window and throw on a pair of my most comfortable sweatpants and call it a day. Unfortunately (and thankfully) I work in an industry that requires me to be on-call  and looking my best at any moment. This is why I’ve collected a group of winter staples that are simple, comfortable, and classic enough to look just as chic when I’m at home on the computer, shooting in the studio, or heading to a casting.

I’ll admit I’m not friends with bright colors between November and March. It’s just not my thing. So here they are, in black and white.

1. Winter White wool shift dress with 3/4 sleeves. This dress is Lafayette 148 and it has a great heavy texture that keeps me warm while the detailing in the back keeps me appropriate for day and for night. Can be worn with boots, heels, flats, and is one of the most versatile pieces I own. Period.

Lafayette 148

2. Linen Happi jacket in Cream. This is a fantastic piece by Georgia Pratt that I first associated only with summer styling, but have been so happy to incorporate into my winter wardrobe. I wear quite a few grey dresses paired with dark tights and boots in winter. This jacket adds a bit of a kick and the linen is heavy enough to add some warmth. The design was created for me based off of a vintage denim happi jacket of my father’s and it’s become my go-to for adding a creative/professional flair to a simple look.

Happi Jacket

3. Cropped wool Breton sweater in black and white. This top combined with one of my many pairs of high-waisted harem pants (invest in a pair from Eileen Fischer. I promise. My best purchase of 2013) or skirts is such a simple and classic day look that is just as comfortable as it is stylish.

Breton Sweater

4. Men’s vintage Italian tuxedo jacket. There is nothing better than this jacket. Purchased for $10 at a vintage store in Brooklyn (there are many out there I promise you) and then altered by the removal of the insane shoulder pads, this piece never ceases to be a hit. I can wear it with anything white/black/grey/navy and it has a great open front for showcases fun necklaces and/or scarves.

Tuxedo Jacket

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