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Lily CummingsI went and chopped off all my hair. Almost two feet in some places. Beforehand, when I asked my guys friends about the planned new haircut they told me “NOOOOO,” my girl friends told me “YESSSS!” Many people in the industry told me I would never work with this new haircut. Agents told me that clients and plus size women aren’t interested in seeing a plus size model with short hair because it’s too different, less feminine.

And then,

The industry proved itself to be much more flexible and forward-thinking then anyone could have guessed. Maybe I’m a bit naive to think that the fact that I can work, with short hair, just being myself, is a step forward in this world of consistency and blandness. The industry is looking to evolve, to become better, to be exciting. And now that I’ve found a new place within it, I’m excited for all of us to see where it can go in the second half of 2014.

Lily Cummings New Haircut in White Stripe Blouse

Lily Cummings New Haircut Black Dress

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