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The cardinal rule of closet organizing is “if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.” So bring old faves and new additions front-and-center, and keep everything totally visible with these closet organizing tips and tricks.


Start with colors

Sort clothes by type of garment—skirts, pants, blouses, etc.—then by color. Being able to open your closet and quickly suss out colors will help you put together cool, creative looks on the fly.

Colorful clothing

Invest in hangers

Opt for identical hangers to keep your closet looking tidy and ensure your clothes are all at the same eye level. And to keep pieces from slipping, fasten all buttons, zip all pants and tie all collars. There’s nothing worse than discovering a pile of unworn, now-wrinkled clothes at the bottom of your closet come spring cleaning time!

When it comes to folding

Don’t exceed 8-10” for stacked folded pieces—you’ll never want to dig through mountains of sweaters and will likely just grab what’s on top (see the “if you can’t see it…” rule…). Keep bulky pieces towards the bottom of the stack and, if you can, store everything in open shelves vs. drawers. You’ll see more of what you’ve got and naturally diversify your wardrobe.


Dividers are an easy way to keep easily-tangled pieces organized and visible—think lingerie and bras, jewelry, belts and scarves. Drawer dividers with individual sections can usually be found for under $5 and can save you countless hours of aggravation untangling your accessories and intimates.


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Shoes are notorious space hogs and are easily damaged in jam-packed closets. Steer clear of back-of-door racks that tend to position clothes and shoes adjacent. If you’ve tracked something less-than-desirable in, it’ll wind up all over your clothes. Yuck! Instead, line boots (with boot trees) along the floor and store “shorter” shoes in a cubby, enclave or mounted rack in the closet, then organize your kicks by color.

Get your closet clean and organized and you’ll be amazed at the number of new looks you’ve got on hand next time you’re “shopping the closet!”

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