Outdated Plus Size Fashion Rules, Plus Tried and True Tips!

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When it comes to shopping and styling your fabulous curves, we here at Plvsh know it can be challenging because even though we’ve come a long way, plus size fashion still has a long way to go. Unfortunately, there are plus size brands out there playing by an outdated rule book and we’ve about had enough!  So here, we’ve created our own list of outdated plus size fashion rules and shown how you can fashionably break them!


Outdated Rule: Don’t Wear Floral or Bold Patterns

We hate this rule! Of course you should wear floral and bold, bright patterns. Floral jump suits and bright colors, especially neons, will be a big trend next spring. Pair them with metallic gladiator sandals and chunky jewelry to complete your bold and beautiful look.


Updated Tip: Get a Tailor

Having a tailor can change your life. It’s rare for plus size women to get a perfectly complete look right off the rack. Jeans too long? This is where a tailor comes in handy. A tailor can also help you take those bargain buys that you just can’t pass up and alter them to make them appear they were specifically designed for your body. A tailor is one investment that you’re going to want to make – for life.


Outdated Rule: No Clingy Fabrics

How outdated is this rule? So outdated that we’re going to tell you to do the complete opposite of it: show those curves! If you’re really worried about bulges and bumps, add some shape wear underneath your knit dresses. Better yet, just add a cinched belt around your waist and flaunt your hourglass figure.


Updated Tip: Know Your Measurements

If the majority of your shopping takes place online, then knowing your measurements will save you a world of trouble. Since all brands are cut differently knowing your measurements will save you the hassle of buying two sizes and returning the one that doesn’t fit. You can find out your measurements right at home by buying a measuring tape and measuring your thighs, hips, waist, and chest. All you need to do now is match your measurements to the brand’s sizing chart. Easy-peasy!


Outdated Rule: Shop in Your Own Lane

Instead of avoiding stores that generally don’t cater to the plus sized crowd, try to branch out! Big box brands like Topshop and Urban Outfitters, who technically don’t carry plus sizes, might have pieces that will fit you just fine. Experimenting with different stores while being realistic that they might not have anything for you is liberating. You might find that these stores offer more in your style than you were expecting. Give it a try.


Updated Tip: Don’t Wait to Feel Great

Great style and feeling comfortable in your body has little to do with your size. Whether you’re completely comfortable in your body or working to get healthier, remember that feeling sexy in your own skin isn’t about your weight. If you want to wear that sexy, little black dress – go for it! Having style and being fashionable doesn’t depend on you meeting a certain number on the scale.


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