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Lily CummingsI am going to a wedding the day after Valentine’s day. A small, casual wedding that seems to be just as much an excuse for my family to get together and party as to celebrate a new marriage. It’s being held about an hour outside of Boston where the snow is currently pounding away and there’s sure to be about two feet of snow to trudge through in my new Georgia Pratt dress and heels.

I want to travel light and I want to evade my family’s usual nagging when I show up in my NYC-best black-on-black uniform. I need to “lighten up” as they fondly like to put it.

So here it goes: in honor of the scared romantic holiday, the theme will be RED.

Overnight Bag

1. DKNY Silk and Cotton Blouse

This top does not hold a wrinkle (surprisingly), has enough billow to make sitting on trains for hours comfortable, and is a mellow-enough maroon that I won’t feel like I’m trying to stand out and I sit in the Dunkin’ Donuts with my coffee before the second leg of my journey. The fabrication and elegant cut also gives me enough social leeway to wear it for drinks and dinner with my favorite aunt on Friday night.

2. Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Blouse (Vintage)

For brunch on Sunday and morning and my subsequent sprint back into the city, I will be wearing one of my favorite finds from Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg. Cut broad enough in the shoulder that lifting my arms isn’t an event, and tailored enough in the waist to give me some visible shape, I can play it cool and casual while staying chic and structured. And the color – it gets noticed.

3. NYDJ Denim Leggings

I need a slim pant to stuff down inside a pair of of weatherproof boots and these jeans are cut slim straight through to the ankle. Did I mention that these are some of the most comfortable pants I have ever owned? High-waisted to hold in the gut and stretchy enough for when I’m shooting and traveling. They are good for everything!!!!! I suggest buying a couple of pairs and wearing them for everything and anything. TIP: I buy mine online in long sizes for about $100, but every couple of weeks I’ll run by Nordstrom Rack and often snag myself a pair at about 50% off. Absolutely worth it.

4. Holiday Nail Polish

For my manicure it’s Essie “Skirting the Issue” and for my pedicure it’s Zoya’s “Pepper.” My toes have never gotten compliments before the lovely “Pepper, and Essie color is so good my hands got photographed for some style blogs during NYFW.

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