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Winter is coming, and with it, so it ski/snowboard season. Now is the time to go out and have an adventure. You can ride the slopes with your family or someone special. You can have an exciting family getaway or romantic trip with your significant other. But, like with any trip, you have to be prepared and bring all the essentials, for there is nothing worse than being stuck on top of a mountain without your favorite things. Check out this list of essentials needed for a ski trip getaway.

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1. Clothing

This goes without saying, but if it’s cold outside, you need to bring your warmest clothing items. Make sure to bring gloves or mittens, warm sweaters, long underwear, a neck warmer or scarf, snow boots, turtleneck shirts, and a warm hat. If you plan on skiing, also bring waterproof ski jacket, socks, and  pants. When you’re not on the slopes, bring some warm and cozy pajamas or lounge pants, and if it’s a romantic getaway, remember that sexy little number you bought just for the occasion. Most resorts have pools and spas, so back a bathing suit as well. Don’t forget formal wear for restaurants and parties. On that note, bring your favorite jewelry pieces as well.

2. Ski and Snowboard Gear

If you plan to hit the slopes, you will need to bring the right equipment. You will need to bring the following: skis, ski boots, ski poles, snowboard, snowboard boots, goggles, sunglasses, a helmet, and and toe warmers, and a hydration pack. These items have been recommended by Stay Aspen Snowmass.

3. Toiletries

Aside from the obvious clothing and gear categories, you should also bring those little things everyone always seems to forget. Most of these items come in a travel size for your convenience: sunscreen, lip balm, aloe vera, dental essentials, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, lotion, makeup, and hair essentials. Because you will be at a high altitude and in the cold, your skin will be drier and prone to cracking, so bring items like baby oil and lotion to combat that. Also, if you go skiing on a sunny day, you can be prone to sunburn so remember the sunscreen and aloe.

4. Miscellaneous

Other essentials you should remember to pack include: your tickets and passes for skiing, itineraries,  tickets, reservation confirmations, maps or directions, money, a form of identification, medical insurance cards, prescriptions and medications, eyeglasses or contacts, a first aid kit, and power cords and chargers.

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