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Lily CummingsI’ve found the perfect little black dress. Well, I actually haven’t found it, I have borrowed it from a good friend. It’s found it’s way onto my form for a Wedding, Vacation, Dinner Party, Work Meeting, Cocktail Hour, and Casting. I always feel amazing, it fits at whatever size I happen to be at the moment (I sway between a 12/14 and a 14/16 depending on the season), and it is easy to clean and maintain.

This dress is a one-size fits all magic dress from New Zealand brand Miss Crabb. And it has been discontinued.


I have learned some things from this dress about myself and what I’m looking for in what I wear.

1. I need my clothes to fit, and fit well when my body weight fluctuates, usually within about a 15 lb range. It’s just a fact that I go up and down. And from experience, I know these items are available. I often look for “one size fits all” and “convertible” tag lines when out searching.

2. I like black. Always have, always will, perfect for everything. Period.

3. Dry cleaning is not always possible, especially when I travel. I need clothing I can roll up and only need to hang in the bathroom when I shower to have the wrinkles fall out. I run around quite a bit in my work and the little things can make my life so much easier.

4. Long sleeves always keep me confident, no matter my body mood, and with the right fabric, can be comfortable in any season.

5. I like a soft, wide shoulder and a cinched waist with volume in the back. I have an hourglass figure but a wide derriere and this is always flattering.

And if all else fails: WRAP DRESS. DVF made millions for a reason.




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