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Teenage dancer Lizzy Howell went viral after uploading a clip of herself dancing to her Instagram account. Since then, this clip has since reached nearly 400,000 views. Thousands of other Instagram users have commented on how much they love Lizzy’s moves!

Lizzy Howell

Lizzy’s dancing has also clearly captured the attention of more than just Instagram followers, as Target recently featured her in a prominent role in their new ad campaign.

What’s so refreshing about this ad campaign is its open display of all types of bodies and the different ways they can move.  And all of them are portrayed as capable and beautiful.  Each one has a diversity of strength in movements and all of them slay flawlessly.

Lizzy’s part in this ad is an exciting new step forward for the bodies of plus-size girls to be common place in the fashion industry. 

And Lizzy herself seems to be aware of this. She told Teen Vogue that she is happy to play her part in moving past one-dimensional, stereotypical expectations for the way bodies should look and act, but she doesn’t think being both plus-size and a dancer is a very big deal. “It feels good to represent the diversity in dance,” she said. “But there shouldn’t need to be a diversity. We should all be equal.”

Target’s ad is entitled “C9 Champion: We Are a New Kind of Strong.” The ad is promoting their new line of active wear, C9 Champion, which offers a variety of clothing options for various levels of activity in a refreshing diversity of colors, styles, and fits, and it’s right in line with recent marketing trends that are promoting the representation of diverse body types.

Of course, if not for the representation of these diverse body types that began on social media.  These ads very likely would not exist. So to Lizzy and others who promote positive body diversity by simply being themselves, we thank you.

Female artists and athletes are just athletes. Plus-size bodies are just bodies. They deserve comfortable and flattering clothing: active wear, formal wear, business casual wear. It’s about time we acknowledge that.

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