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Petite women face some unique challenges when navigating plus-size fashion. What might be designed for a certain “average height” plus-size woman is not likely to fit well on a shorter frame. Any plus-size woman under 5’4” can surely attest to this.

Thankfully, as fashion shifts more toward body positivity and the beauty movement, plus-size fashion is becoming more inclusive to women of all shapes and yes, even all heights. You’ll probably notice an increase in the amount of petite, plus-size styles you have available to you in the coming months and years. While you’re on your first celebratory shopping spree, keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your new wardrobe.

Sejour Ela Two Button Suite Jacket

Choose well-made staples

Basic wardrobe staple pieces have always been the bread and butter of the petite plus-size industry. Options for blazers, slacks and dressy blouses have always been fairly readily available, and these work well for the office. Purchasing these pieces in your exact petite size helps you to stand apart to look put together and professional. Pay attention to where the waist is emphasized and the length of the garment, especially when purchasing online. 

Talbots Rose Print Sheath Dress

Play with patterns

Traditionalist have always said that shorter women shouldn’t dabble in patterns and should instead stick with neutrals. To that, we say “no way!” Shorter women can definitely pull off patterns, though they should consider the patterns well before buying. It’s all about size and placement. Try a small print first if you are hesitant to go big and bold right away. Give a feminine floral or narrow paisley a chance.

NIC+ZOE Secret Garden Top and Skirt

Choose fitted pieces

While you certainly don’t want to wear pieces that are too closely cut or that fit improperly, finding fitted pieces that flatter your body transforms your wardrobe and the way that you see yourself. Dresses and blazers are particular pieces that add this visual structure to your wardrobe for maximum effect. Bonus points for these pieces: they are typically quite versatile and coordinate with many of your best outfits.

Get a tailor

Every woman should have a tailor who knows how to make their clothes fit that much better. This is particularly true for petite plus-size women who may have some of the biggest challenges when it comes to pulling ready-to-wear clothes right off of the rack. Be sure and try them on for your tailor, you need to take into account the entire fit of the pant, not just the length. 

Getting to know your wardrobe and what looks work for your petite plus size frame makes a world of difference when it comes to your next shopping spree.

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