Plus size Fashion: Taking the Runway by Storm in 2014

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2014 has been a year of major plus size fashion moments and while we have a long way to go, we’ve also made a lot of progress. Some of the best moments this year consisted of plus size

supermodels that were making waves on and off the runways. From Vogue, Calvin Klein, and Elle, models of all sizes, shapes, and curves are in high-demand. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest and most talked about runway moments of 2014.

Evans First Plus size Brand to Show at London Fashion Week

Image from Evans

Image from Evans

In early September, United Kingdom plus size brand Evans became the first ever plus size retailer to walk the runway at London Fashion Week. Showing that high fashion was for all, regardless of size, Evans featured designers including Clements Ribeiro, Luli Liu, and Giles Deacon.

When speaking to reporters, Philip Green, head of the fashion house that owns Evans, stated that plus size women were, “a big and important part of the market and we need to be seen to embrace it.” Models showcased flowing, feminine styles in breezy floral prints, including cropped tops, sheer dresses, and thigh-splitting skirts. This new collection for Evans will be available in February 2015.

Next Management London:

Next Management London:

Myla Dalbesio and Calvin Klein

The most buzz-worthy fashion moment this year may have also been the most controversial. Plus size model Myla Dalbesio’s appearance for Calvin Klein created a stir not only for what it means for the Calvin Klein brand but also because of the backlash from customers.

Many argued that at a size 10, Dalbesio wasn’t considered plus sized at all. Dalbesio countered that while she may not fall into the technical aspects of plus sized fashion, she also didn’t fit into a size 0 or 2, and considered herself to be more of an “in-betweener” in regards to standard clothing sizes. Regardless, the moment was a big step for Calvin Klein, as the brand had never before featured a plus sized model until Dalbesio.

SLiNK, UK’s First Plus sized Fashion Magazine, Hits Newsstands

Image from SLiNK:

Image from SLiNK:

A new publication for curvier girls made waves as it hit newsstands across fifteen countries, including the United Kingdom. SLiNK, is hoping to take advantage of the growing demand for magazines that cater to the plus size crowd while featuring new designers and focusing on the trends of the seasons.

In each edition, SLiNK features interviews with designers and models as well as shopping and beauty tips, all while aiming for its goal to change the perception the reputation of plus size fashion. In response to criticisms that SLiNK promotes unhealthy bodies, it also added a monthly column focusing on healthy eating and fitness, while maintaining its view on a healthy and realistic body image. Model Candice Huffine graced the first cover of SLiNK.

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