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Lily Cummings

My younger sister finally came to visit me here in New York and it was GLORIOUS. One of our many expeditions around the city was to the ballet at Lincoln Center. It was the perfect early fall day, a chilly Sunday afternoon, and after the performance we strolled around the Autumn Crafts Festival that was being held nearby.

And this is where I bought a $150 hat.

I’m not saying that’s unreasonable for something beautifully handmade, but it is quite unlike me. I’ll spring hard for a winter coat, a practical blouse, or leather boots. But I am not an accessories girl.

And then I saw this hat:

It’s all about Plus Size Hats

There were many reason why I just had to have it…

1. I was wearing grey, white, and beige. This hat was a lovely oat color with the perfect soft chocolate brown ribbon and feather. We matched perfectly.

2. It fit on my head. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I have quite the noggin and have never found myself able to fit into any hats that aren’t made for large gentleman.

3. My sister said OOOOOOH when I put it on. My sister never says OOOOOH. And she would certainly tell me if she didn’t like it. I was stunned.

So I purchased the hat (from Agneta Persson who owns Nordic Affair, available on Etsy) and walked away feeling splendid. And days later I was thinking to myself…..wait, maybe this can be my “thing” for fall. HATS. Not the knit kind I generally throw on just because my ears are cold and it will fit in my purse, but a HAT.

Here are three that I’m currently working with…

Agneta Persson Hat


It’s all about Plus Size Hats

It’s all about Plus Size Hats

…and some links to a couple chapeaux I am keen to add to my closet. All greatly over $150, but I now understand, worth it. Hopefully coming soon… Lily makes her own hats…

1. Rag and Bone Floppy Brim Fedora

2. Barbara Feinman’s Papa Bear and Sybil

3. Eric Javits  W3

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