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Lily Cummings1. How would you define your personal style?

Relaxed, Elegant, and Roadtrip-ready is how I would describe my style. I like to feel feminine, but still comfortable and ready to dance/bike/rock it out as needed. Living in NYC, well BK (wha-wha!), I don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready and I am usually running late so I keep it pretty simple – long, flowy dresses and skirts, short summer dresses and converses, maybe a bandana bra, jeans and a sleeveless tee. Sweet and simple is my go-to accessory.

Plus Size Model Christine Hauer Q&A

2. What are some difficulties you have when shopping? Have you developed any strategies to overcome these?

I’m from the south so I have a lot happening back there (“badonkadonk” style) and finding pants/shorts/anything involving fitting my legs and butt inside fabric is always a battle. Usually what happens is the pants will fit my legs but then there is this huge space around my waist area and they fall down when I walk. So not cute.

My strategy = dresses. They are the perfect outfit because 1) no work required, 2) lady-like and usually appropriate for most activities (mind the length), 3) you can always add to them with hats, jewelry, jackets, oxford shirts, etc. (side note: check out Plvsh’s guide to the perfect sheath dress here).

A new trick I’ve developed is wearing boyfriend jeans under flowing dresses. The ripped, slouchy feel of the jeans adds to the gentile-sophicated side of the dress making the outfit a bit more fun – and makes me feel more mysterious. Here’s an example outfit from a Braves game this summer! Flowy dress, boyfriend jeans and a little jean jacket. So comfy. (That kid to the right totally hates me though).

Plus Size Model Christine Hauer Q&A

3. Where do you love to shop?

Even though it can be kind of intense, I really like shopping at Macy’s. Once I get into the, “OK, I’m going to Herald Square” mindset, I can always find at least one awesome, totally on sale dress and the big selection makes for a quick and dirty shopping day. In and out with lots of outfits.

Some of the brands I make sure to hit while at Macy’s are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Karen Kane, Ralph Lauren, and BCBG – all of these guys have great dress selection, cute little jackets, and nice, slinky fabrics for winter or summer.

Plus Size Model Christine Hauer Q&A

4. Has being a model influenced your day-to-day style?

Yes, modeling has affected my style in a good way. Doing the model thing has helped me focus in on my core closet – what are my essentials and what are the add ons? I now have a sold base of dresses and skirts and then for fun, I can mix up the layering, the shoes, the hats, whatever I feel like (!) around the basics.

Modeling has also helped me create outfits that can go from day to night. I can start the day with a basic black dress, vintage tee, sneakers and minimal make-up, then dress it up after work by taking off the tee, adding in chunky heels / jewelry, and maxing out the dry shampoo for BIG big hair moving into the night time.

Plus Size Model Christine Hauer Q&A

5. What brands would you love to see develop plus-size lines?

The brands I mentioned at Macy’s go up to a size 12-14, but it would be awesome if they created more a selection for fuller figured women. Most form fitting Ralph Lauren dresses don’t fit my hips, and even Michael Kors can be a bit limiting when it comes to sizing. They all definitely tailor more to the slimmer frame.

I also really like Zara. HUGE fan of white everything (see below) right now and Zara has a big selection of skirts, dresses, tops…but none of them fit. I always go in and try on, thinking “Today’s the day!!”, but, alas, it never is. If they made their sizes with a bit more room in the hips (and made their skirts a REAL size 12 and not a size 10 with a 12 number on it) then I would be buying up a Zara-storm…”

Plus Size Model Christine Hauer Q&A

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