Plus Size No-No’s to Break Now

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There has definitely been some growth in the plus sized fashion industry over the last couple of years, but there is still that mindset that anything over a size 12 can’t wear this or can’t wear that which is totally not the case. Magazines, television, social media, and how society perceives plus sized women has created this invisible list of what you’re allowed to wear because every media outlet is telling you anything outside of this bubble won’t look good. I think it’s worth noting some of those so called fashion no-no’s and break the rules.

1. Stay Away from Stripes (or any sort of BIG pattern in general)

This rule is usually accompanied by the popular belief that stripes of any kind will make you look wider or prints with big patterns will have the same effect and draw too much attention to less attractive areas. This is the number one rule that must be broken. Stripes don’t make people look any wider than they are. Stripes are actually a very classic pattern and has been around for decades. There is no reason curvy women should not be allowed to wear stripes. Striped patterns now come in many colors, sizes, and directions like the below variegated striped dress which has both horizontal and vertical stripes in different widths and colors. It’s all about experimenting with the different striped patterns and finding the one that works best for you.


Eloquii Variegated Striped Dress

2. Avoid Bright Colors 

Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing black all the time if that is your style. It is true that black and dark colors can look very flattering on a variety of figures. But only wearing one color is very limiting to your overall wardrobe. Sometimes you need bright colors in your life. Colors can be the source of light and happiness when the weather is gloomy or your spirits aren’t too high. Colors can influence your mood, so why wear just one?


Vince Camuto Short Sleeve Pleated Blouse 

3. Anything Form Fitting will Draw Attention to your Imperfections

This one is probably the worse rule out there and promotes body shaming. This rule has led to full-figured women avoiding body-con styles, pencil skirts, and skinny jeans. It all comes down to choosing the right size for your body when purchasing these pieces. Shapewear can also help more form fitting clothing have a better fit for a more confident you.



BB Dakota Hyde Lace Dress

4. Do Not Wear Crop Tops

This rule needs to be squashed once and for all. Contrary to what many think, crop tops are actually one of the most flattering summer pieces you can choose because they draw the eye to the thinnest part of every woman’s body. Whether you’re long and lean, fit and trim, or full figured and curvy you can wear crop tops. The key is to pair a short-to-midi length crop top with a high-waist skirt so only a relatively modest sliver of skin is showing.


Modamix Annie Embellished Scallop Crop Top

5. Avoid Shorts and Mini Skirts 

It’s okay if shorts or mini skirts are not your thing. You shouldn’t wear anything you’re not comfortable in, but for society to say plus sized women shouldn’t wear anything above the knee line to hide isn’t the right rule either. Shorts and skirts are comfortable and fun. When the weather gets warmer you don’t want to be stuck with pants as your only option. Do what feels comfortable for you!


City Chic Lace Trim Stretch Denim Short 

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