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Ready to go glamping?  We’ve got your plus size style covered!

Summertime means day trips and weekend excursions.  For some, fun is about being out in nature and enjoying the whether.  For others, it means taking a trip to a five star resort and enjoying all the amenities. But what if you combined the two and ventured out on deliciously luxurious outdoor vacation? Ladies, meet your next summer adventure, glamping. Yes, glamping is a real thing.  It stands for glamorous camping. No tent, no sleeping bag, no fire that you have to build. In fact, it’s everything awesome about camping without all the yuck & work. It may not be for everyone, but for those who are interested in taking the glamping plunge- we three outfits to take you from day to evening around the campfire!

Plus Size Style - Glamping Daytime Excursion

Pink T Shirt | Lucky Brand Denim Shorts | Utility JacketDistressed Backpack | Ankle Booties | Cowboy Hat | Aviators

Plus Size Style - Glamping Sightseeing

White Skinny Jeans | Cowboy Boot Necklace | Oversized T Shirt | Cowboy Hat | Ankle Booties |  Aviators

Plus Size Style - Glamping Dinner & Campfire

Jumpsuit | Poncho | Western Style Belt | Ankle Booties

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