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Lily CummingsThat October chill is in the air and I couldn’t be happier! I love the season of styling with layers, of apple pies and cider, of long walks among the foliage, and of Halloween! To celebrate this time of year, here is a list of my must haves this fall.

1. LL Bean

As a Mainer, my obsession with this brand starts practically at birth, but now is the time of year I allow myself to stock up on flannel and plaid. AND, the women’s department has plus sizes.

2. My New Grey Sweater from Community

I have become accustomed to wearing black on black on black when it gets cold, but this fall I’ve settled on a softer palette of heather and grey. This sweater is comfy and works both over a crisp white button-down or t-shirt.

My New Grey Sweater from Community

3. “Fall in Line” Essie Nail Polish

This color gets me a compliment every day on the train. Another one of my must haves this fall, this shade of green has enough grey undertones to remain professional with just a hint of funky and different.

Essie Nail Polish

4. ORIBE Dry Texturing Spray

My hair is super short this season and I love adding lightweight body to keep it looking lively and carefree. This dry shampoo is simply the best and well worth the pricey $45 investment.

Oribe Dry Texturing Spray

5. Suede Boots

Again, trying to step away from the black everything. These soft suede boots are a vintage find, and look great paired with skinny jeans or tights.

Suede Boots

6. Republic of Women Parfum by Banana Republic

I wore this scent years ago when I was a salesgirl for the brand and recently came across an old bottle. Low and behold I have begun wearing it everyday and love it’s soft and clean, yet romantic fragrance. Perfect for fall!

Republic of Women Parfum by Banana Republic

7. Vintage Costume Jewelry

There are so many shops around Brooklyn selling fun little trinkets and costume jewelry. These earrings are a perfect color for the season and only cost $6!!

Vintage Costume Jewelry

8. The New York City Ballet

I love taking in a matinee at Lincoln Center on a fall weekend afternoon, after a stroll around Central Park. There are some amazing shows coming up this season, and I highly suggest turning it into an occasion!

9. Riot of Perfume and The Gentlewoman Magazines

These two publications are favorites of mine. The Gentlewoman has an amazing female perspective on the industry and creatives while Riot of Perfume features interesting, off-beat photography and beautiful poetry. Perfect for curling up on a park bench in your favorite sweater with some hot tea for a Sunday afternoon read.

Riot of Perfume and The Gentlewoman Magazines

10. Organic Ginger Pear Tea from David’s Tea

This “tea of the month” is just FABULOUS and perfect for warming the body on these increasingly cool evenings. (

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