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Even though the average American woman wears a size 16, plus-size representation on magazine covers is lacking. In 2016, experts reported that ONLY 1 percent of magazine covers featured a plus-size model.

More Plus, Please

An online campaign called #MorePlusPlease highlights the need for more plus-size models on magazine covers. Women are tired of seeing traditional size 4 models grace cover after cover, and they want a more real representation of average women in the mainstream.

This campaign has gone viral on social media, with fashion bloggers and plus-size role models striving for proper representation of the majority of American women. While many publications have tried to shatter body shaming and stereotypes, it’s difficult for women who don’t fit the mold to feel acceptance when there aren’t any good portrayals of the plus-size community.

Photoshopped Covers

As part of the #MorePlusPlease campaign to draw more attention to the lack of portrayal in the media plus-size retailer Navabi decided to make a photoshopped magazine cover campaign that highlights the beauty and diversity that plus-size women bring to the fashion industry.

This campaign brought together plus-size models from around the industry to pose in the same style of models that graced covers of Glamour, Vogue, and other publications. Each woman styled and posed in the same way as the season’s covers. Then they were photoshopped into the covers to show off the beauty that plus-size models could bring to the industry.

2017 Vogue

A breakthrough for plus size fashion came in early 2017 when Vogue featured its first plus-size model on its cover. Ashley Graham modeled alongside Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and other major models in the industry.

This move gives much hope to the future of plus-size modeling. Vogue leads the industry standard. When the top name in fashion magazines features a plus-size model on the cover. It signifies that there is positive action happening in plus-size advocacy and acceptance.

Body acceptance is important in the fashion industry, for everyone. While there is a lot of hype about plus-size models making movement. We’d definitely like to see others follow in Vogue’s footsteps. 

We can’t wait to see more fabulous plus size ladies on the cover!

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