Plus Size Workout Clothes for the New Year and Beyond

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With the new year comes the “get healthy” and “become stronger” new year’s resolutions.  What’s more motivating then having a cute outfit to hit the gym in?  Whatever your sport, we have a comfortably stylish plus size workout clothes to start off (or continue) your fitness goals.

Yoga Guru

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Shop the Look: Chi Mesh Top | High Rise Bloom Tight | Yoga Mat | Yoga Block

Yoga is all about the zen so stick with calming natural colors like this olive top.  Add a bit more vibrance and fun with a floral side print pant.  Your workout accessories need to be colorful too!  Try this extra cushioned non-slip citron sundial yoga mat and bright teal yoga block to get you started.  Namaste!

Running Diva

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Shop the Look: Maximum Support Bra | Brooks Running Shoe | Woman’s Pullover Active | Active Capri Leggings | Wicking Active Socks

Nothing will motivate you for an amazing run than looking the part.  This runner’s outfit is all about the bright feminine pinks. Test out your shoe a bit before going out for your first run in them to make sure it feels right to your gait. A good support bra is also a crucial part to a comfortable work out experience, no matter what the activity.

Zumba Queen

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Shop the Look:  Bloch Dance Sneaker | Slim Fit Reversible Leggings | Double the Fun Headband | Zella Z5 Tee

Zumba is the perfect opportunity to wear crazy colors and prints. It’s all about having fun while dancing after all! These slim reversible leggings certainly fit the bill with a swirled blue print. A good pair of dance shoes also makes a great Zumba shoe, especially one that is flexible in the middle and made for movement.  A good basic tee is a must have.  Finally, keep your hair back in this stylish printed headband.

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