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Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can be frustrating finding cute, classy, and professional maternity styles – especially if you’re a plus-sized gal. Here are some great tips for finding the perfect plus-sized style during those nine months!

Plus-Sized Maternity Style

Although you might think it’s easier to just buy a size or two up, you really should invest in some quality maternity clothing. Shoulder space and the rise of pants really make a difference when it comes to maternity wear and will affect the way the clothing fits. Maternity clothing accommodates your body better than regular clothing that’s been up-sized. Don’t forget to invest in a quality maternity bra as it’s often considered the most important piece of maternity clothing and will flatter your shape underneath your clothes.

If you’re already comfortable with the plus-sized brands you normally wear, inquire as to whether or not they have a maternity plus-sized line. Even if you’re sure your favorite stores don’t carry a maternity line, ask anyway, as many brands often carry a maternity line in catalogs or online. You also may want to get fitted because even your favorite lines can have unique sizing in their maternity offerings. Choose fabrics that will stretch as you grow, like Lycra or woven fabrics but don’t be afraid of any fabric that’s comfortable and makes you feel confident and beautiful, which is the key to any style, not just maternity wear!

Plus-Sized Maternity Style

You can dress up any maternity style with large and bright accessories. Choosing dramatic scarves, big handbags, and large statement jewelry can help to balance out a quickly growing body while creating an appealing silhouette. Bright lipstick or earrings can draw attention upward to your face while bright or interesting shoes can call attention to your legs. Don’t be afraid to don some prints, either! Flattering options include larger prints or even toile and floral patterns, which act as a decoration instead of a distraction when worn with simpler items.

If you’re having trouble choosing clothes that give you shape, try simple options like V-neck shirts that will give you the illusion of a longer neck. Clothing that includes style features like empire waists, ruching, or baby doll blouses are all flattering choices for maternity wear. Fitted dresses and tops are in-style, so don’t be afraid to show off your burgeoning baby bump and brand new body! Some favorite and popular maternity brands with fabulous plus-sized options include SimplyBe, Motherhood Maternity, and Avenue.

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