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Stylist Susan Moses has worked with everyone from celebrities to the everyday plus size woman. In her recent interview with Plvsh, we talk to her about her career, her style and her new book “The Art of Dressing Curves”. We couldn’t be more excited for a fashion stylist book that actually talks about dressing the plus size woman!

  • How does it feel to make the leap from spokeswoman / creative director / designer to author?

I feel really accomplished. Writing this book was a year of extraordinary focus, organization, and sacrifice. It was very challenging on many levels, but it was something that I’ve wanted to do for several years and now that it’s done I just want to celebrate every day.

  • TheArtOfDressingCurves-656x656What has been the most impactful feedback you have received since the books release?

What has been most impactful is when the reader says “I’ve read the book, and it’s the first time I feel included in the conversation about fashion and beauty.” I’ve had readers from size six to size twenty six make the same comment, this makes me feel really good, because that was the essence of my goal. I want every woman to know that she is of great value and deserves to be treated equally and that means being included and understood in the fashion and beauty arena.

  • How did you come about finding your personal style? Has it changed at all after working in the industry? 

Yes, my style has changed. In my early years I loved trends. I think I tried a bit of everything; but as time moved on and my schedule of client appointments and travel grew I became more of a minimalist. I wear a lot of black not only because I love the richness and the strength of this powerful neutral, but also because it’s easier for me to transition throughout my long days by just changing my accessories.

  • Who were your “style icons” growing up?

My style icons were my mother and the other fierce women in my family. I had aunts and older cousins that were always stylish and well dressed. I never had to look far for inspiration.

  • How did working with Queen Latifah and Kathy Bates after Brandy affect the rest of your work in the industry? 

While working with Brandy for seven years, I got lots of calls to work with new and established pop and R&B stars. Working with Queen Latifah and Kathy Bates, two highly visible and very accomplished actresses turning up the heat on the red carpet, established me as the go-to stylist for curves for quite some time.

  • How can styling celebrities relate to dressing the everyday plus size women?

Basically, I think all women have the same needs: good foundation garments, good fit and great style. The only difference between celebrities and the everyday women is that celebrities may need more glamorous looks for public appearances.

However, celebrities also have business attire and upscale casual wardrobes just like the everyday woman.

  • Where do you start when dressing a client?

I always begin with a full consultation, which includes meeting with the client and getting as much information about her as possible as it relates to her fit and style. I take measurements. I ask questions about their favorite colors and what parts of her body she loves to accentuate. I ask if there are any particular brands she loves. I seek to find out everything that will help me get the client dressed beautifully while developing or enhancing her style.

  • What is the most important thing for plus size women to remember when embarking on their style journey?

The most important thing to remember is that your size is never a roadblock to great style, if you want it you can have it at any size.

  • What is the one “fashion rule” you feel every plus size woman should break?

This is not really a rule, but a practice. And it’s one I advocate that every woman should break: relying on size more the on fit. Designers have different techniques and uses different size fit models. It’s all about how the garment fits you and not about its size.

  • What can plus-size women look forward to from you in 2016, besides reading your book?

I will be making appearances related to the book, and I have a new initiative, “Empowering Women NYC,” which will use fashion, art and entertainment to bring awareness to the value of all women equally, regardless of size, age or ethnicity. I will have a few surprises that will be revealed when it’s time. I love a good surprise!

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