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Prints & Patterns for the Plus Size Woman
While 2013 introduced mixed prints, the trend is still going strong in 2014.  Whether you like prints unapologetically loud or dainty and demure, everyone can wear prints for the spring. An ultra on-trend way to wear prints this year has been to mix prints— think stripes with polka dots, florals with plaid, animal patterns with geometric shapes and much, much more. Since size shouldn’t dictate your sense of creativity, these simple steps will elevate your style to bold and fearless for spring.

Tolani Chandra Long Printed Silk TunicSelect Different Scales
Don’t be shy to try different sized print scales when it comes to mixing and matching. In fact, selecting different sized print scales can help you appear slimmer. If you wear the larger print scale on the part of your body you’re most concerned about and the smaller print on the smaller part of your body, print mixing can work to your advantage to make you look proportioned and balanced. A prime example of this would be to mix a statement stripe with a dainty floral print or bold polka dot with thin pinstripes as seen in this gorgeous silk tunic by Tolani. The general rule of thumb with wearing prints is larger frames should sport larger prints and petite frames should opt for smaller ones.

Use Solids
To effectively work pattern-mixing into your look make sure to include solids so
you can break up prints that feel overwhelming. The best way to do this is to
wear a solid top with coordinating print pieces like a blazer and printed pants.
The solid piece should pick up the colors within the printed pieces to create a
uniform look. Invest in basic solids shirts and blouses, as solid pieces tend to pull
a look together and complete the outfit. You can also pair a solid colored shoe in
a number of materials like patent leather, suede or velvet for added visual
interest and a touch of glam.

Coordinating Prints

Coordinating prints, like shown on the dress worn here by the first lady, are a simple and effortless way to sport head to toe prints this season—they take the guesswork out of mixing and matching prints, especially if you’re new to the pattern-mixing game. For a fresh new take on classic tailored suiting for fall, these sets are a great way to go—try a coordinating print set that includes a blazer and trousers or jacket and skirt.

All About Color
Color combinations will help to tie your print-mixing look together. Print mixing can get a little tricky and if you’re new to mixing and matching prints. Remember things don’t have to exactly match; they just have to “go” together. Pulling out a color in one print and mixing the same color in another is the simplest way to pull
off print mixing. Staying within the same color families will help to create a look that is put together yet still playful and fun.

All you need to pull off spring’s print-mixing trend is 100% confidence and the right
attitude. So be fearless and tackle this trend head on!

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