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Rebel Wilson is feeling the entrepreneurial spirit and we are overjoyed about it! Her new fashion line is available in stores this summer and we cannot wait to have another powerful plus size line to choose from. Wilson, an actress best known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, is from Sydney, Australia. Wilson’s family was prominent on the dog show circuit, and her first business was selling dog toys and accessories at dog shows and glow sticks on New Year’s Eve.

Rebel Wilson

Her early days as an entrepreneur influenced her to her newest venture – fashion designer. She focuses on providing styles for sizes 14 and up. Her line, known as Rebel Wilson x Angels arrives in stores soon.

She’s not the first celebrity to build a curvy brand (Melissa McCarthy has a popular line also), Wilson is determined to set herself a part. She plans to extend Rebel Wilson to a lifestyle brand including shoes, purses, bags, activewear and much more.

Wilson believes in the importance of representing the curvy community and being a body positive advocate. Despite her strong character roles in Hollywood, Wilson struggles with the beauty standards of the industry. While most women are plus size as defined by the industry, they are not adequately represented in fashion. Many women have experienced the struggle of finding an outfit that works for their body type – Wilson had that same experience. As she grew up, she felt designers did not care about people like her.

She enjoys working with stylist Elizabeth Stewart who helped her find her own style. She even picked up tips from women on America’s Next Top Model which featured some plus-size models.

While Wilson’s on-screen persona is usually flamboyant and daring, her personal style is much more reserved. Her first line includes designs that represent current trends including polished dresses and suede jackets. The best part? Her designs are affordable. The highest priced items retails at just under $300.

Wilson’s line has received a warm reception by retailers. Her line will be available on the racks at Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Lord & Taylor. Wilson also plans to tour to support the launch of the new line.

Ready to pick up one of Rebel Wilson x Angel pieces? Check them out here.

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