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We loved the ’80s the first time around, and we were really digging the revival trend when it blew through again last year. However, enough is enough—we’re drawing the line at rounded shoulders for plus size women.

Fall 2013 is offering us some stunning pieces with sleek lines and lovely silhouettes…so what are these bulky, unflattering rounded shoulders doing here? They can make a curvy woman look like a pudgy box before you can say “get that thing away from me!”

So why are rounded shoulders so bad?

Rounded Shoulders for Plus Size

They add bulk

When you put on garments with rounded shoulders, you are easily adding another 3 to five inches to your width looking from the front. Sharper shoulders, even ones that aren’t vintage points, slim down your profile and add definition to your outfit.

They look sloppy

Some of the more structured ones aren’t so bad, but for the most part, this trend seems to gravitating towards puffs that come out from the shoulders and then drop straight down to your fingertips. When you add that onto a top that is already fairly boxy, you will find that the net effect is pretty awkward.

They’re so plain

This may be a weird complaint given the previous two, but we stand by it. We don’t think that decorations or prints could save these sleeves, but when you see them, they’re just boring expanses of fabric with nothing to break up the line or to provide visual interest.

The question then becomes, can rounded shoulders be done well? The answer is a very qualified yes.

If you want to try a little bit of puffery around your shoulders, think about short, sweet puff sleeves tops that end around the middle of your bicep like some of the dresses from Anna Scholz, or a more subtle rounding like this gorgeous Lace-Yoke Crepe top (also from Anna Scholz – no suprise!). If you have a bit of underarm flab you’d rather not show off, this style can actually disguise it nicely.

Experiment with different lengths until you find a gentle puff that looks lovely on you, but approach this fashion choice with extreme caution.


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