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You have a ton of them, and you see everyone wearing them, yet but sometimes it’s so difficult to make a scarf work with your everyday look when it’s not ice cold. Scarves do what few pieces can—EVERYTHING—making them an ideal go-to even after spring has sprung. Done right, scarves are big, bold and add a dramatic burst of color, instantly elevates any casual weekend look, or breaks up basic blacks. We LOVE this one from Nordstrom’s.

1. Sunday Brunch

Black on black on black on black is the NYC way, but to cut down on the boredom and break up the lines, wear a black scarf long and tie with one simple loop.

Sunday Brunch scarf

2. Dinner & Drinks

The bright pop of this scarf keep this outfit fun and flirty and plays of both the blouse through it’s matching color and the rest of the outfit through it’s contrast. Keeping the loops of the scarf at a medium height allow for a necklace to hang down below and add dimension.

Dinner & Drinks scarf

3. Running Errands

Want a chic and sophisticated way to hide the t-shirt and jeans you’ll be sporting while running around the city? Wrap a wool scarf around your shoulders and pair with a statement necklace for some unexpected glamour.

Running Errands scarf

4. Business Casual

When it’s time to head outside for lunch and you don’t want to add bulk with a heavy jacket, a tight-to the-neck patterned scarf pairs well with the boxiness of a blazer and crew-neck blouse.

Business Casual scarf

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