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Plus-size women have spent decades living in the shadow of size zeros in the fashion industry. Finally, they can shine and step into the spotlight through social media. We investigate what has been driving the attention toward plus-size fashion in the last couple of years. 

Social Media Revolution

Plus-size fashion is just now getting attention because of the rise of social media. Before the age of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, the consumer’s voice was not always heard clearly. The industry drove the fashion trends thanks to fashion shows, magazines and style pointers from big-name publishers and fashionistas. With the increase in social media use, users are telling their own story to retailers and sharing their wants and desire for plus-size fashion.

Social media empowers consumers and increases the popularity of brands that respond to what their social media followers want. There is also a greater demand for diverse representation of women in advertising and sizing. Companies are stepping up and serving consumers with what they want.

Pushing for Change

A marked difference is that the fashion trends from the middle of the last century were driven by suppliers, now they are controlled by the consumer. They instead show the fashion industry what they want by the purchases they make. For too long, brick-and-mortar retailers ignored the spending habits of plus-size women. Now, the availability of online shopping made plus-size clothing more accessible to all.

Blog Invitation and Innovation

Plus-size fashion bloggers have a strong following and significant impact on the trends in plus-size fashion. They promote body positivity and expand the fashion horizons of many plus-size women. Users demanded more coverage of all types of women and body sizes, and the fashion industry answered. Bloggers who promote plus-size fashion labels as brand ambassadors share mainstream fashion for all.

Follow the Data

Data shows that one-fifth of all apparel sold in the United States falls under the auspices of women’s plus-size fashion. In the past, you would find plus-size clothing stuffed away in the corner of a store. The styles and prints were boisterous and unflattering. Major retailers learned from their mistakes and now offer mainstream styles to plus-size women.


Social media accounts connect plus-size women with trending styles that they feel great in and love to wear. That’s why more and more retailers continue to increase their social media presence and hire plus-size women to serve as brand ambassadors. Social media revolutionizes the plus-size fashion industry for the better.

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