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Lily CummingsSpring is finally here and it’s still below 50 degrees. Rather then show off the brand-new staples of the season under layers of sweaters and coats, I’m going to hold off and instead go into my closet to find some old pieces that are still on-trend and don’t need a flashy first-time wear.

Considering I wear black on black on black on grey mostly year-round, it’s usually hard for me to digest throwing on one of the brightest of the spring colors: orange. But lo-and-behold, I have a Calvin Klein strappy dress from about 3 years ago that is just begging to be put back into use. It’s a little too “Summer at the beach house” left to itself (and it’s just too dang cold), so I need to add at least one layer for comfort.

Orange CK Dress

I have a vintage Dumas wool blazer that adds the right amount of warmth and relaxes the vibrancy of the dress’s colors and pattern. It also cost me about $10 at a flea market, so it was quite the find. With a suede belt at the waist and a fun bright bracelet, the look is good to go!

Dirty white blazer

Suede Belt and Bracelet

Lily Cummings Orange Dress and Dirty White Blazer

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