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Oh the dreaded task that is packing for a quick weekend getaway! It all seems so simple…you know you’ll only need a few fashionable & stylish looks, but, somehow, between booking your flight and pulling out your suitcase it becomes quite the challenge!

Your time is valuable, so why spend it waiting at the luggage carousel? After a few close calls (aka getting on board and noticing your carry on won’t fit in the overhead compartment because you’ve overstuffed it to the max), we have learned our lesson. The key is to plan ahead. Focus on “outfitting” your looks and, believe it or not, you can manage to fit a weekend’s worth of stylish looks into one carry on. You may have to edit down the shoe selection and perhaps you don’t really need the curling iron and the flat iron, but once you get used to editing and reworking what you packed- you’ll have quite the feeling of accomplishment!

The thing to remember when prepping for a weekend getaway is to pack versatile pieces. The more versatile, the easier it is to work the item into another ensemble. Combine trend and basics for the perfect mix that will get you from Friday happy hour to Sunday evening dinner and you will never huff and puff at the thought of packing again!

In an effort to get you out the door sooner, we put together three looks with just seven pieces.

Casual daytime look

Casual daytime look

Flirty evening look

Flirty evening look


Polished day-to-night look

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