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Style Swap: Beat the frizz—and the blowout 

It’s time to give your blowout a much-needed winter vacation. You spend so much time getting your locks sleek, shiny and perfectly straight that by the end of the winter, your frizz has come back with a vengence! Give your hair a much needed rest by ditching the blowout and trying one of these runway-ready looks sure to save you  you’ll save time and tons of AM frustration—and that’s always pretty.

Perfect for…work!


It’s a classic for a reason! Ponytails aren’t just for the gym or running around on the weekend. Done right, they’re perfect for the office, especially when the temperature rises. To get a work-worthy pony, spray hair with a volumizer or work in mousse, then dry hair straight back. Once dry, add hair spray and gather your locks at the base of your neck, leaving some volume at the crown—just don’t pull too tight and you’ll naturally have it—then secure. Here’s the trick to take it from workout to work: pull a small lock out from the bottom and wrap it around the elastic to conceal it, then secure with a pin. Voila!

Classic Pony







Perfect for…date night!
Braids are so much more than the pigtails you donned decades ago. Perfect for medium-length hair, the new braid is sexy and takes just minutes to perfect. To get the look, work mousse into damp hair and finger-dry for a tousled “I-always-look-like-this” finish. Part in the middle, gently pull hair to one side and French braid loosely. Face-framing pieces will fall out on their own—leave ‘em! Secure with a small elastic and finish with a shine serum.








Perfect for…your friend’s wedding!
It’s a chignon at heart, but this chic, low side bun is far from the prom night hair you just had to have—promise! To get this casual elegant look, part your hair down the center, pick a side for the chignon to live on and pull everything to that side—now you’ve got two ponytails, one in each hand. Tie hair into a loose knot and wrap one side around to the right and pin into place. Repeat on the left side. Finish it off with a spritz of spray and get ready to hit the dance floor!

Loose Side Bun Back Loose Side Bun Front








Perfect for…vacation! 
Think pony with TONS of volume. Start with damp—not soaking wet—hair and work in a mousse or root lifter at the scalp. Blow dry hair away from your face using fingers or a paddle brush then divide your hair into inch-wide horizontal sections from ear to ear. Lightly tease the sections for the oomph then pull back into a low ponytail. Smooth the top pieces with your fingers, add spray and you’re good to go!

Low Pony 2








Perfect for…weekend errands!
This effortlessly chic style will keep you cool in every sense of the word as you dash from brunch to manis to grocery shopping. Apply mousse to damp hair and quickly blow dry with your fingers. Use a light spray to hold hair, which you’ll divide into two horizontal sections. Twist the bottom half into a tight knot that hits right below the crown, the wrap the top section around it—let the ends stick out, then secure the final twist with a pin.

Weekend Twist

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